What’s your agenda? Mine is a night we’ll both remember

As “Champagne Blast” indefinitely repeats playing on my laptop I find myself coming to the conclusion that Live City‘s latest single is one of my favorite tracks of the year. I know the year’s been short lived, but after listening I can’t help but think it will stay with me even to the end of it. For one it’s Melbourne bounce, which the guys absolutely murdered and Big Nab comes in with his own fire from Brooklyn dishing out some ill rhymes to complete the full musical package. It’s so OG, it’s not even funny.

The new school elements are obvious, but the mixture of the two in the creative hands of Live City makes for a fresh party anthem. As the song nears its closing phrases the guys introduce a nice, tasteful surprise just to keep things interesting. Tommie Sunshine‘s label Brooklyn Fire brought a damn good record to the world; I’m sure there is much more where that came from. For now, you’re just gonna have to be satisfied with taking a bath in a champagne blast!

“Champagne Blast” is a part of the Allied Bounce compilation that has nine other singles that you need to hear; follow the purchase link to preview.

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