In the midst of his current tour, Canadian music producer Excision has released two new VIP tunes with Kentucky-based producer Space Laces, and it’s as heavy as you’d expect. The release features VIPs of two tunes – “Bounce” and “Funk Hole.” “Bounce VIP” was first premiered in Excision’s Shambhala 2013 mix, which was released in September of last year. The release acts as a follow-up to the duo’s previous massive collaboration “Get Stupid.”

The first tune “Bounce VIP” is a dubstep/DnB gem, starting out on a dark note and building up into an incredibly filthy drop featuring punchy drums, crunchy bass, and energy-filled synths. The second track “Funk Hole VIP” is a banging electro tune with  devastating dubstep drops that are definitely influenced by dark horror movie-style vibes. It’s a jumpy and explosive with a rather “interesting” ending, to say the least.

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