The beginning of the year is always a great time for artists to start fresh in their careers and no one is working harder towards a new beginning than the born again legend that is Sean Tyas, whose recent sets and productions have been catching the attention of many fans and producers alike. Sean is often remembered as one of the best Uplifting producers to exist during the 2000’s and his timeless singles, such as Lift and By The Way, have remained as timeless classics that still gets airplay on a consistent basis. However, times must change, and in 2012, he branched out towards Electro and Progressive House in order to reignite his creative spark in production and DJing. While this phenomenon is normal fare from many Trance artists, it is very rare to have someone revert back to their older styles and it seems like Sean will be the first to actually pull it off. The release of his recent single, Now You See, was one of his most successful tracks in the last two years and received huge airtime from both Trance and Uplifting artists alike. Along with a stunning performance at Utrecht during the ASOT 650 celebrations, his career is at a unique standpoint where the potential to grow into a high tiered force is not only possible, but attainable. He continues his success with a stellar remix to Lange‘s collaboration with vocalist, Betsie Larkin, entitled Insatiable, which is a single from his 2013 album, We Are Lucky People. With the combined engineering power of Lange and Tyas, this track is definitely a contender for Best Sound Design in Trance for 2014.


While this remix isn’t in the Uplifting style that’s customary with his sets, Tyas shows that he is just as proficient with 134BPM as he is in 140BPM. Insatiable starts out with a exhilarating bang, as smashing Breaks snares, ripping basslines and crunchy acidic lines all combine towards a fierce, razor-sharp drive that manages to adhere to its delicate Trance infrastructure. It’s always so difficult to balance Electro’s power with Trance’s tender nature, but he manages to pull it off with an air of fine tuned finesse that only a master can achieve. A really nice touch is the paired down transition that introduces the lovely vocals of Betsie Larkin, as it keenly develops a silent impact to refocus/reorganize the sound structures. The breakdown features an unusual flow of skritchy guitar strums and graceful drones before an astonishing piano line wonderfully connects itself with the vocalist on an intimate level of conversation to further express the hidden subtleties behind her words. The years of experience have led Tyas to becoming a leading expert on melodic interludes, and once again, he astonishes listeners with touching moments of human exuberance. With a thunderous drive of drums, the rising sun finally peaks over the dark night sky and the beams of majestic, heartwarming melodies stirs the inner self with a haunting resonance which gallantly shines within.

Sean Tyas‘ remix of Insatiable by Lange & Betsie Larkin is out now on Lange Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you grab your copy today. Also make sure to check out the fantastic Extended & Club mixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q