Last week, I said that I was scanning documents for my job; thank God that’s finally over with. Twenty thousand individual pages since the start, and my fingers are absolutely raw. I have paper cuts and calluses – you wouldn’t think it, but standing in the same spot for four hours a day really wears you down. Lucky for me, I had some awesome music to keep me going.

This list is subjective and in no way serves to act as a be-all, end-all list of greatest albums.

1. Monday: Goldfish – Three Second Memory

I actually saw these guys on the UMF livestream last year and didn’t realize it until I heard their music again a couple of months ago. Goldfish pride themselves on not adhering to any DJ stereotype, and even poke fun at a few of them in one of the videos from their singles on their newest album. If you like Big Gigantic, you’re going to like GoldfishThree Second Memory is a bouncy, electric, and infectious album that’s definitely going to get you off on the right food for the week ahead.

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2. Tuesday: Netsky – 2

“2” for Tuesday. Ha. Many D&B purists were displeased with Boris’ newest release and change in style from Netsky, but it still takes the cake as one of the most fun albums for me to listen to, thanks to singles like “Come Alive” and “Puppy.” We’re keeping the energy up all week, no rest for the weary as they say.

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3. Wednesday: Rusko – Songs

Rusko created Songs as a compilation of the absolute best tracks he could muster, an album where every song was one where you could say, “Yes! That one!” It’s got his classic wobbles but is much more mature than his previous release O.M.G.! two years earlier. We’re dropping the BPM for Wednesday but certainly not the energy. Like I said, you’re not getting any rest this week.

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4. Thursday: Asking Alexandria – Stepped Up And Scratched

Now hold on, this isn’t just Asking Alexandria – this is the remix album featuring remixes for tracks from their two previous albums. As you would expect, the featured remixers are in the same vein of hard, filthy sound as the originals. Featuring remixes from TombaCelldwellerBare (before he went trap), and so many more, we’re injecting a little filth in this week.

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5. Friday: Culprate – Colours

So…. I might have lied a little bit when I said you wouldn’t get any rest this week. Colours is a phenomenal album with IDM/Glitch Hop influences that will make you think, rather than twerk. Culprate has always pushed the envelope, and he wanted to be sure that this album reflected his personality and style. Take a load off, maybe don’t go out Friday night? You’ve earned a night on the couch with your favorite beer and Netflix.

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Also, please help support Culprate as he tries to fund his new album. Go HERE for all the details.