One thing many producers do in their spare time is play video games. If you like video games, then chances are that you love to play Smash Brothers. So when $yrup released his three track EP in honor of the esteemed game, it wasn’t a curveball for listeners. Tiny Melee comes to us via the Killinoize label. Three characters have songs dedicated to them; is your character one of the three?

First on the list is “Kirby.” The fluffy festival trap single has a smooth tone and is reminiscent of other tracks, but the familiarity is simply a disguise for something even better that progresses out of dirty beats and into some good ol’ breakbeat madness. My favorite character, Captain Falcon gets suited up in this VIP that delivers a different kind of Falcon Punch. It hits you where it matters, in the mental arena with it’s downtempo goodness. The staple of the arrangement is some sweet vocal chopping that makes you feel the punch even more. Terminating the EP is “Final Destination (Mewtwo V).” It has a strong gaming vibe to it that makes me want to hop off this computer and onto a Nintendo. You feel like you are right in the heat of the battle, but the good thing is you will survive!

Your EDM has been provided with the exclusive download of this EP. You may download via the link below. Shout out to $yrup and Killinoize!

Exclusive Free Download