As the purveyor of one of Trance’s most innovational genres, the Argentinian duo of Heatbeat has always been breaking down genres with careless abandon at conventionality. While their original style consisted of Uplifting Trance, they have progressively shied away from their old sound and managed to curate a unique style that perfectly balanced the forces between Trance and Electro. This lethal combination quickly became a household favorite for DJ’s that wanted to expand their live sets and singles such as Ask The Cat, Arganda and Roses Never Cry still remain as some of the best work they’ve ever produced. In 2012, Heatbeat almost ditched Trance altogether to focus on creating a fresh and unusual style of Electro that was all their own. While their experiments into a different genre were deemed necessary, it finally looks like they are returning to their fantastic Electro Trance sound with a new remix from Giuseppe Ottaviani‘s 2013 album, Magenta. In case you were not aware, getting the chance to remix one of Giuseppe‘s tracks is quite an honor to have, as he’s widely known as one of the finest engineers in Trance, (if not the best). His stunning productions always implement the best sound designs and his clean, polished orchestration is almost unparalleled. These fantastic qualities were bountiful in his collaboration with Audiocells in I Am Your Shadow, (which featured the stunning vocals of Shannon Hurley), but Heatbeat‘s rendition is a little bit different from the original.


By ‘a little bit’, we actually mean they flipped this track on its head. In this mix, they completely negate the beautiful melodies in exchange for some roaring Electro lines for maximum devastation. The gentle vocals of Shannon brilliantly softens the edges of Heatbeat‘s vicious Complextro basslines, which keeps a tender flow to an otherwise brutal opening. The breakdown is where their Trance roots shine, as a glorious assortment of angelic pads shower ribbons of gold over the superfluous vocals in a breathtaking moment of self induced passion. As the lyrics, “You are not alone“, are sung, a brilliant Trance melody provides a nice boost in the orchestration, but is swiftly offset by the presence of slamming tribal drums to subtlety throw our senses off. Erratic laser beams and powerful, rising synths are implimented to a breaking point before the floor cracks with savage lashes of thunderous Electro lines that mercilessly batters the phrase with horrifying intensity. Seriously, this drop contains some of the most brutal sounding basslines that I’ve heard in any Trance song. Nevertheless, the vocals return with a torque-induced melodic line that adds a heavy dose of attitude towards the otherwise sparkling melodies of Giuseppe Ottaviani.

This track was featured as the Tune of the Week for Armin van Buuren‘s ASOT #653, and we definitely agree with that choice. Heatbeat‘s scorching remix to Giuseppe Ottaviani & Audiocells‘ collaboration, I Am Your Shadow, is now available on Black Hole Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you grab this killer remix today.


Keep the music alive. -Q