The legendary Tech Trance maestro of Jordan Suckley has crossed an unbelievably high threshold over the last couple of months to emerge as one of Trance’s highest leaders. His unique combination of roaring Tech Trance, vintage Uplifters and brutal Psy Trance has earned him a cult following that’s exploded in the last couple months with his recent remixes of Greg Downey‘s Vivid Intent, Bryan Kearney‘s Mexican Rave and Faruk Sabanci‘s Nevada. The beginning of 2014 has spawned the sadistically twisted Damaged Recordings label from Suckley himself and is already looking to rival Mental Asylum for complete control of the Tech Trance spectrum. The label’s first release was a fierce collaboration with Eddie Bitar on an unusual Psy track entitled Centipede, which has seriously thrown listeners and DJ’s alike on a trippy loop. Now, he is looking to capitalize his success with another massive collaboration that features Irish Trance legend, Paul Webster. Paul has been rather quiet over the last couple of years, as his recent successes only include his single of Disappear with Alana Aldea and his wondrous collaboration with Arctic Moon on Valhalla. However, this unlikely combination resulted in a kinky new single entitled HELP!, which was first debuted during Simon Patterson‘s set at the ASOT 650 celebrations in Moscow, Russia.  Subsequent sets from Jordan and Paul in Utrecht during their leg of the New Horizons tour has revealed its savage capabilities/cruel disposition towards unsuspecting listeners. This track effortlessly combines elements of Electro, Psy, Tech and Trance into a sick, demented package.


HELP! begins with Suckley‘s signature acid squawks as dark, thunderous Electro basslines cycles the phrase forward with a bratty, loathsome attitude. Bouncy, groovy and catchy as hell, both of these exceptional producers manage to perfectly balance raw, grating power with smooth, graceful Progressive pads. The resulting breakdown provides an unsettling sense of calmness as a rich combination between flowing strings, faint vocal timbres, brittle piano accompaniments and plucky synths bring forth a powerful lead line that adds tension and suspense to the orchestration. As the main melody disappears in the void, a piercing alarm bell tumbles throughout space and time itself as its increasingly out of sync nature continues to torture any semblance of sanity that’s left. Finally, a helpless, broken shell of a man feebly mutters, “Help me. Please.”, before the release clamps onto the listener and chucks it overboard into a deep dark vat of hissing corrosive acid. Rancid, festering Electro lines are counterbalanced by vindictive technical stabs as a mass flurry of Psy wraps its sickly tentacles around the entire orchestration. Horrifying industrial buzzers and putrid timbral stabs sting the eyes on contact and HELP!‘s hulking dominance looks down and makes sure that you know your place.

Jordan Suckley & Paul Webster‘s collaboration, HELP!, is out now on Damaged Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you grab this awesome Tech release today.


Keep the music alive. -Q