It seems the NFL doesn’t take kindly to middle fingers being thrown up, even if it was two years ago. For those of you who remember the incident that occurred with M.I.A. during a halftime show in 2012, you will be familiar with the pretext of the current situation. What has followed is two years of seeking $1.5 million from the singer with even more money being asked for by the NFL.

For “restitution” the NFL is asking for an additional $15.1 million claiming that was how much her exposure was worth along with lost advertisement funds that would have been gained if the bird had not been flipped during the performance. I get where the NFL is coming from, but c’mon. For two years you are chasing someone (which you have to pay for), when you are already raking it in. Given the fact that the NFL does not pay the performers, I think many more middle fingers are deserved to be presented in their direction after all of this.

Problems the NFL are having are occurring due to the petty nature of the claims. M.I.A.’s crew stated in response papers that “The claim for restitution lacks any basis in law, fact, or logic.” They also point to numerous other inconsistencies with the NFL’s point of view, like with other inappropriate choices like having young women perform sexually provocative moves during other half time shows, use of the N-word, Prince’s phallic stroking of his guitar in 2007 as well as other incidents.

I think the NFL has more pertinent problems that need tending, but money is money. Hopefully this plays out in the favor of M.I.A. who made a single inappropriate gesture during a show. It was inappropriate, let’s face it. But worth $16.6 million two years after the fact? Not even a little bit.

Source: Hollywood Reporter