Afrojack teamed up with the gaming company Razer to launch his own music-making app “Afrojack Production Studio“, which will allow users to make music on a Razer Blade Pro Laptop and is designed exclusively for users of the Razer Switch Blade User interface. Razer and Afrojack began making plans for this app last year, which utilizes the Razer Blade Pro Gaming laptop, the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate keyboard, and works in conjunction with FL Studio to “put tools and shortcuts at the user’s fingertips.” Afrojack, who was first seen using a Razer Blade Pro laptop at the Amsterdam Dance Event last October, handpicked various samples and effects for the Afrojack Production Studio.

“I’ve been getting so much out of my Razer Blade Pro over the past several months — at gigs, at home and everywhere in-between. The new Afrojack Studio Production app is going to be super useful, and I’m excited to offer it to aspiring DJs and producers who love FL Studio as much as I do” -Afrojack

Afrojack has already brought Borgore and Flux Pavilion on board with Razer, with hopes of other DJs in the future. Watch Afrojack introduce his new Afrojack Production Studio app here:



source: DJ Mag