Moody Good dropped a spooky good original for MTA Records earlier this week, featuring smooth bars from London rapper Knytro!

Hotplate” is somewhat of a supertrack; dubsteppers and hip hop fans will find further union in a genre/culture mash that’s simply meant to be. Knytro’s eerie intro verse barely leaves time to get a feel for the track before it erupts into a hammerhead drop, but the dynamic is massive! Moody Good is dialing into his creative conscious at an amazing rate. Just a taste of big things to come for one of bass music’s biggest prospects. Likewise, Knytro is garnering well-deserved attention in the hip hop game, which is much harder to stand out in. The hit-or-miss concept of dubstep rap track was a risk worth taking for both parties, and we can’t wait to see them ascend to full-blown fame this festival season!

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