New York’s dance music scene is ripening with numerous producers who are making moves to take things next level. Coming from that territory is one producer who we have featured a few times before, named John Malgioglio; however, you would know him by the epithet O.M.F. The music maker’s (dis)regard for genres is rooted in love for a wide range of styles with a desire to share the different experiences they conjure up with as many individuals as possible.

Whether it’s because of Djing, producing, spreading some good old moombah love, or anything else he puts his heart into, O.M.F. is someone to be vigilant of. His brand new EP, MoombahtOMF Vol. 1, is pure evidence of that, most specifically with producing and moombahton. Having been into the moombahton scene myself for a long time, I give much props to each of these singles that make up an exceptionally noteworthy mark in the book of moombah. The mingling of uniquely latin samples into electronic compositions hasn’t been done this collectively well in a while. Multiple singular styles were journeyed into that all share a certain roughness to them that echoes underground vibes in a subtly truculent way. The sonic freshness saturates every element to deliver a stunning musical structure.

Join us after giving MoombahtOMF Vol. 1 a listen, because we were fortunate enough to catch up with John for an interview. Now, let’s hop into the free music and mind of O.M.F.

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Your EDM Interview:

How did you first get into electronic music/producing?

OMF: Well, My dad was a DJ so I grew up with it. I would watch him play records in my basement when I was a little kid and eventually I got my hands on my own equipment. I just took off from there. Fast forward a but and I found house music in 2007 and started following Deadmau5’s releases and listening to a local radio show that supported dance music. I became friends with the radio DJ and for the first time in my life I felt like I had something to OWN. I was never a sports kid or anything like that growing up, so having something to find a passion for was nice. I started “producing” around the same time. I watched Steve Angello in the studio with Future Music and learned how to lay down a 4/4 kick drum in Sony Acid Pro and that was it, I was hooked on it!

Whats the biggest struggle for an up and coming producer?

OMF: There are so many, I could talk for hours about it. I think a few are worth mentioning based of of my experienced so far.
There are a few obvious ones like getting noticed, getting booked and all that jazz but I’m gonna give you a few that aren’t mentioned as much as they should.

I think a huge struggle for a lot of people is DIRECTION. I feel like everyone I see is trying to one up the next person. Make your own path and OWN IT. Brand yourself and be smart and calculated about the direction you take your career. The struggle for relevancy is cancer & a lot of up and coming producers try and battle that while sometimes not realizing what being “relevant” really is.
Stay focused on what you want, make small goals and hit them & don’t worry about what everyone else is doing just do YOU because that’s what will draw people to your music. You can try to be as good as someone else but there wont be anyone as good as YOU. Those possibilities are endless.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I really pull from all different types of music, I love everything from ambient to Drum n Bass to Hardstyle and small niche genre’s that aren’t well known. Some go to’s for me personally will always be Deadmau5, Munchi, Gang Starr & Anything produced by DJ Premier, Carl Cox & Chris Liebing DJ set’s, Showtek. Steve Angello, Axwell & my friends MaxX & EJ. Oh and Skrillex & Yellow Claw.

I also like going to different parties and seeing new artists. My go to’s this year have been Webster Hall’s Bassment Saturdays & Anything at Output in Brooklyn. Whenever i’m frustrated with music or life I head out to either one of those and leave with inspiration every time.

Who would you like to collab with, realistically and down the road?

OMF: Oh man, This list is endless but to name a few.
Munchi & GTA or Dillon Francis, when it comes to production & making effective, fun music those guys are A list. Haley Gibby, Colleen D’Agostino are both incredible vocalists I would LOVE to work with one day. & HAHA who knows if this will ever happen but.. Nero & any of the people I mentioned in the influences section.

Do you have any up and coming songs/projects?

OMF: I have a LOT. I told myself I would release a lot more music this year & so far I have a lot of that ready to go. Obviously my new EP MoombahtOMF Vol. 1 is out now and you can be sure Vol. 2 sometime in the future.

I hate to use the word genre but I have things in every genre coming out & ……..some secret things i’m working on that I haven’t told anyone about.. even my closest friends 😉

Do you have any affiliations with other projects?

OMF: I actually try to distance myself from affiliations. I like to just do my own thing. I support moombah but I’ve always produced & played more then just moombah. The next bunch of releases are going to showcase that & also my mix show #FTI (Fuck the internet).

Why did you feel the need to start the moombahton OG subreddit?

OMF: HAHA dam I really do like moombahton a bit much I guess.
Well although its a baby right now, I started it to give people a better platform to share and discuss moombahton. The mod for /r/moombahton refuses to bring on any other mods and the subreddit is pretty much a barren wasteland… So I made my own.

Moombahton is still an infant right now & part of the problem is people have to go lengths to find it or discuss it. There isn’t a central hub for moombah and I thought the Reddit platform would be perfect for it. I know when the community grows a bit on there it will be the best spot to find tracks or discuss anything related to moombahton. You can find the subreddit at

What gear do you have for producing/performing?

OMF: Magic.

No but really, Coke or Pepsi & Ableton. & When Bitwig comes out.. Probably Bitwig for a bit.

Really really reallllllyyyy love what FXpansion is doing right now. Also everything by Fab is pretty much the tits. Oh & anything made by Steve Duda!!! I don’t use Massive much, I try and avoid Sylenth but I do use it. Nexus is great but everything has been beaten to DEATH so I only use it to get quick sounds for idea’s. Kontakt piano’s have been my jam lately! I like to find plugins that aren’t popular and never tell anyone about them. I have such a hipster mentality when it comes to plugins ahahaha. I use a LOT of distortions and cool things like that. Check out FXpansions, MAUL… its a fucking monster. (plzsponsorme)

I bought myself a Moog Sub Phatty which I love to death & used on all the lead parts of Street Justice which is out soon. I encourage everyone to get at least one hardware synth. It really helps you learn sound design in a different way that a computer just does not grasp. I will eventually build myself an insane mau5 like euro rack system when I get some money haha.

I use CDJ 2000’s and a DJM nexus to play live right now, I’ve used Ableton and traktor and nothing beats the CDJ’s for me. I’m a DJ at heart and those just feel perfect. I really cant wait to get my hands on the new EFX series pioneer just released.