Your EDM was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Robot Dentist about his music, what we can expect from him in 2014, as well as future festivals. We also got him to speak a bit about his forthcoming dubstep single that he’s been working on, “Gravity,” which comes out March 24th on Your EDM Records. Check out the interview below!

1.) So how did you come up with a name like “Robot Dentist” and is there any significance behind it?

Early on I was getting feedback on some tracks and a buddy told me it sounded like dental equipment. That got the idea going, then another friend told me the music sounded like robots… And it just sort of came about. Really there’s no specific significance to the name other than the fact that I think it does represent the sounds and the character of the music in a good way.

2.) What gave you the idea to combine two completely opposite sounds, dubstep and electro-type funk, as heard in “Tripex?”

I’ve always been interested in the basic idea that opposites attract and that light and dark can exist simultaneously, both in music and in life. I try to explore that area with a lot of my projects. But I don’t really think about genres too much when I’m in the zone, I just go with what I’m hearing and feeling. I did want to sort of showcase two opposite emotions and energies in the different sections of Tripex, so I was thinking about it, but not in a very specific way.

3.) What would you say your “signature sound” is?

I like to wander a bit creatively, so it’s hard for me to really embrace having a signature sound. But I think people that have listened to a lot of my stuff might tell you it is the melodic and progressive sounds and elements that I generally include in other style tracks (trap, dubstep, electro).

4.) The genres of the songs you’ve remixed seem to really range in genre. That being said, what’s your favorite genre to work with and to remix?

I really like to remix songs that the original really gets me going. Some producers like to remix songs that they like a certain part of, but maybe don’t love the whole thing. I’m the opposite… Love to remix tracks that I already think are completely on point. But as far as genres, it really could be anything. I love working with vocals, especially female.

5.) Are there any big collaborations coming up that we should look out for in 2014?

Man I’ve really been doing a lot of my own stuff, just trying to perfect the sound the past couple of months. So not really, unfortunately. But there are a lot of artists at the local and bigger levels that I would love to work with! Hit me up!

6.) Considering you performed at such a huge music festival like EDC NY, will we be seeing your name again on some more major festival lineups for this year?

Im going to be playing Spring Awakening again this summer, which I’m massively excited for. I played on the main stage for the inaugural year, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had performing. So I’m definitely ready to return to Soldier Field this year. Other than that, I’m hoping something else works out!

7.) What’s your ultimate goal for this year in regards to music?

I just want to push the boundaries as much as I can. For me that mainly means getting the music out to people in a bigger and better way. I’d definitely like to continue to pump out as many tracks as I can, and hopefully just catch the ears of as many people as possible.

8.) Tell us about “Gravity,” out March 24th. What were some of the technical aspects of producing it? What did you enjoy or dislike about making it?

Gravity was a project that comparatively speaking took me quite awhile. I had the initial idea down, and then the project kind of got away from me for a few months. When I went back to it, I had fresh ears, and I applied some newer techniques that I had been experimenting with on my bass sounds recently. The track really started to come together from there, and after coming back to it I was then able to finish it pretty quickly. I really wanted to go for a spacey sort of vibe with this track… maybe I was subconsciously influence by the movie or something. But the process of crafting the track was awesome because in my attempt to create this cosmic atmosphere, I unleashed some really cool ideas and sounds that I can now add to my arsenal for future projects.