(Photo courtesy of Mi.Mu)

When it comes to the music industry, new technology is exciting from their conception to their realization. Many artists that are able to get there hands on or involved with engineering new machines for their music often put in tons of effort through these devices to make them shine. One such example has been flaunting technologically-advanced gloves since 2011 and now seems closer to becoming a widespread reality.

The multi-talented musician from the United Kingdom known as Imogen Heap has shared her opinion in the past of her irritation in being unable to play with computers, mixing boards, and other studio tech with the same ease that other musicians and producers do. In an attempt to combat this problem, she has “joined forces with the nerd underworld, creating musical gloves using new sensor technology allowing me to compose and perform music with computers in an intuitive way.” These “Mi.Mu Gloves” are in the process of raising money through a Kickstarter campaign for about £200,000 which is about $330,000. 

These gloves work in very interesting ways. According to the Kickstarter page, the gloves will be able to translate body motions (i.e. moving hands or arms) into music from popular music programs. The sensors will be able to recognize the motion of playing air-drums versus playing air-guitar depending the users movements. The site also promises that the gloves will appeal to fans as they watch artists move their hands to create and perform music without touching anything. Rather than watch a musician behind a table of knobs and buttons where they may be hidden from fans, now the artist can move about freely passing their arms through the air while rocking the stage.

If you wish to help raise money for these super music gloves, you can fund them here. Also check out this video showing just how these gloves are looking right now.