It’s Friday, which means two things: the weekend is near, and another Conspectus Chapter from Your EDM’s Collection is here. This week was ruled by some good ol’ 128 jams that go from progressive, and electro to the two styles of big room that have been popular for a while now. We’re gearing up for a rage-filled weekend that will be followed by nothing other than Miami music week and Spring Break for many students out there. Let’s hop into Chapter 3 and see where it takes us!

Conspectus Chapter 3:

Powerfully emotive is how I would describe “Losing It” from Tom Frampton, who enrolled Aaron David Frith for some vocal help. The intro induces a certain loathing in the listener but when the energetic drop hits, your tension is freed by driving big room bass. I think if this were to be dropped in Miami next week the place would erupt big time!

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“Ten Feet Tall” had it’s share of remixes, but one of the best comes from the LA resident producer Elephante. The fusion of electro and progressive is hard to pull off sometimes given the two sub-genres different attitudes, but with Elephante’s cunning abilities the mixture passes with flying colors. Elephante continues to push great music to audiences; it’s just a matter of time before the bubble bursts for this guy!

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Boombox Cartel killed this remix of “Get Low,” which is seeing more and more remixes everyday. Although this does fit into the house motif of the chapter, this one delves outside for added dimensions of flavor. It’s got some breaks and trap that come after the hard hitting house chorus that will cause chaos on the dancefloor.

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The fourteen year old Bladex takes us on the smoothest adventure in the chapter with his progressive single “Rise And Fall.” For someone so young putting out something like this you can’t even imagine what things will look like ten years down the road if he keeps up with music. Despite my energetic and bass tendencies, this is one of my favorite’s of the week.

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The newer style of big room is represented here with Joaquin Arena‘s record “Up!” whose melody is too damn catchy not to love. Finding good big room like this is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but luckily for you guys we already did all the filtering and what we came up with will take you into the clouds and beyond!

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