The world of bass music seems to be flooding with producers since the dubstep waves crashed against our shores back around 2011. Many talented individuals, and groups, have been pushing to get their names out with hundreds of different methods, with only a portion of them really focusing on the music. If you look well enough, you will find those gems in the deep caves of bass with one in particular who’s gleam just may catch your eye before anything else does. The act I am referring to is FelMax, comprised of bassheads Felix House & Max Kartel.

Although these guys love to focus on the low frequencies, that isn’t to say they pigeon-holed themselves, because their broad array of bass music is coupled with ventures into electro and big room house. Their pure energy is always present, whether you are dealing with their dubstep anthems or their vicious trap beats, like in the remix of “Notorious Thugs” that you will listen to shortly. As up-and-coming producers they have been faced with many obstacles but they continue to grind everyday to create identifiable dance music. I’ve heard some of these guys unreleased stuff; man, will you guys be blown away once the unleashing occurs.

We recently had a chat with the duo about what it was like to jump in the game and attain relevancy, as well as topics like what they future holds, and just how do these guys do what they do. Producing everyday is no easy feat but FelMax are trying to take things to new heights; they know that can’t come without hard work and dedication to the craft. Check out these guys music, along with our interview below!

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Your EDM Interview:

1. How did you first get into electronic music/producing?

FelMax: We first started DJing at some of the all age parties in Miami and wanted to not just be another local DJ so we decided to take our music to the next level and start making our own. We first started producing on Reason but switched to FL Studio, it’s much more user friendly.

2. Whats the biggest struggle for an up and coming producer?

FelMax: Biggest struggle would be getting your name out there, with so many talented producers it can be really hard to get some recognition or support from the bigger names. The best thing to do is just keep producing and try something that no one else is doing.

3. Who are some of your favorite producers/musical acts?

FelMax: We have a HUGE list but as far as producers go, our favorites would have to be Porter Robinson, Excision, Datsik, Protohype, Getter, Dillon Francis, Skrillex, Zeds Dead, Alex Mind, Darth and Vader, Au5, Heatbeat, Daniel Portman, Koan Sound and a LOT of others.

4. Who would you like to collab with, realistically and down the road?

FelMax: We would like to collab with so many people since there are so many producers that inspire us but realistically I think it would be sick to collab with Boombox Cartel, Aero Chord, Cormak, Jauz, someone along those lines.

Free Download

5. Do you have any up and coming songs/projects?

FelMax: We actually have a BUNCH of unreleased tracks; we have a remix we did with Steven Nova and Andres Fresko to the new R3hab tune “Go Hard”, we also did a remix to “Fifteen” by Blasterjaxx with our homies Skellism. We have stuff we made a couple months back that we still haven’t released and were just waiting for the right time. In the mean time we are working on our EP which 2 tracks are fully done, the EP should be about 6 tracks we want to have it ready to release once we feel like the moment is right.

6. What software do you use?

FelMax: We use FL Studio, we’ve messed with Reason and Ableton but FL Studio is the most user friendly daw out there.

7. Favorite plug in?

FelMax: As basic as this sounds, Massive (lol), but we also love the Harmonic Exciter from Izotope. If you look at our projects we have that on like every other lead or bass.

8. How do you guys work your live show with 2 people?

FelMax: Usually I’ll take the left deck and Max will take the right, we like to make it like a contest of who can drop the harder tracks which makes it fun for us and also makes our set very energetic and bass heavy.

9. Whats most attracts you to bass music?

FelMax: The bass! Lol, we think when you’re listening to someone live the harder the bass the better so we make sure every single track we drop is super bass heavy.

First song that hooked me: