Back in November, Feed Me announced that he was planning on releasing two more EP’s (one around Christmas and one around the end of January) and another album in the near future despite having just released his first full-length album Calamari Tuesday. Well it’s almost April and we haven’t seen any sign of the aforementioned EP’s until just now. A few days ago, the legendary UK producer posted on his Facebook page, assuring us that the first EP is about a week away from being finished and it will be released shortly.afterwards on his label Sotto Voce, followed by the second EP and another full album due out in late summer as well. But even more exciting, he confirmed that he’s planning on releasing material under his DnB and IDM aliases, Spor and Seventh Stitch respectively, later this year as well.

Which of these releases are you most excited for? I’m going to have to go with Spor: