In the age of digital music, it’s nice to reflect back to the days of hard-copy music and the lore of the record store. Nowadays we download albums and hit play on our iPods rather than physically pick up CDs in their plastic cases and shoving them into CD players. However, if you’re like me and enjoy holding an album in your hand and flipping through the booklets they come with in your hand rather than scrolling through them on your desktop, then check this out.

Saturday April 19th will be celebrating National Record Store Day across America. This is the day music fans should feel the urge to go and pick up vinyls, cassettes, or CDs and scroll through the catalogues of music these once prominent stores have. If you’re still not convinced to go, on that day all participating stores will have special content from artists you amy or may not expect to find. It includes music from EDM favorites Adventure ClubDisclosureThe Glitch MobPretty LightsSkrillex, and Zedd. It also includes music from classics like David Bowie, The Allman Brothers Band, LCD Soundsystem, Death Cab For CutieOutKastPublic Enemy, MGMTDan Croll, Fun., Jimi Hendrix, and many more.

The whole list is here and the website also shows nearby stores that will be apart of the event. Also make sure to leave a comment on what you think of all the special content and looking back at the record store.