Photo courtesy of Kathy Parmisano’s Flickr.

2014 has been a great year so far for Porter Robinson, especially with the release of the first song from his new album, Worlds (future release on Astralwerks). “Sea of Voices” is available online for those who have not listened to it yet.

A small taste of his new work, “Sea of Voices” shows the composition skills of the 21-year-old producer, and his vision on electronic dance music. His future DJ sets are bound to change, but fans can catch him throw down some electro during his residency at Marquee Las Vegas this summer.

Producing some “pretty” and “loud” music for his fans to listen to, Porter Robinson has some new milestones to accomplish this year. “The next thing that will come out will be our attempt at a radio single,” said Porter Robinson to his interview with Inthemix. “To me, it’s a song that I think is incidentally catchy, it’s a song that I think happened to have a big chorus and it still channels much of what the record is about, which is about being pretty and loud and triumphant.”

Inspired by Daft Punk and Kanye West on his production skills, Porter said t”here’s three songs on my album that could do alright [on radio], without being shitty as fuck.” It’s refreshing to see that he will not follow the mainstream formula of pop or Top 40.

If you have not listened to “Sea of Voices” yet, then now its the time! As Diane Tamulavage, a fellow YourEDM writer, said: “It’s beautiful. It’s melodic. It’s cathartic.”

Via: Inthemix