Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m increasingly exploring the world of True Progressive as I continue to eagerly hunt for new artists and sounds. It’s quite strange that a genre of such low energy and dance floor impact has captivated me so much, as I am one who usually loves all things Trance and Techno. My assumption is that its dreamy, mellow timbres contain such a stark contrast to what I am used to that it unveils a completely hidden allure that takes time to discover. It’s one of the few genres that remains untouched by money and copycats and is an immerse realm that intently focuses on pure innovation and earnest, heartfelt passion. This is definitely the case for this week’s Sunrise Sessions, as the paths between Deep and Progressive effortlessly converge towards a heavenly euphoric outcome. Two of Progressive’s highest artists both live in the United States and each provides a unique perspective on their enthralling sounds. Taylor Raburn is known as Sedi and lives in Washington state, where his luscious, established sound has already made its mark on countless Progressive labels, including Progressive House Worldwide, Silk Digital and Macarize. Next, we have Josh Allen who is under his Jallen moniker from Oakland, California. His sound has been a personal favorite of mine recently and with good reason, as his productions have been supported by big producers such as Above & Beyond, Jaytech and Jacob Henry.

With the two of them together on a single project, the resulting outcomes are nothing short of miraculous with the Jallen remix of Sedi‘s original single, Breaking The Ice. Jallen holds a philosophy that each of his tracks should always sound different, but I really hope he creates another track of this caliber and style. His warm, glowing textures contain such a fluffy, creamy character that it almost envelops the mind under a complete mellow state of subdued consciousness. In Breaking The Ice, Jallen seems to miraculously weave an ever expansive world of blissful wonder underneath his peaceful, innocent melodies and almost taps into the playful mind of a child who doesn’t have a care in the world. His orchestration is simple and elegant, with only a handful of voices providing a silky, caressing drive full of succulent, sunken basslines. The breakdown is bred with an entire underwater fleet of drifting pads to flow through the soundscape, much like a tranquil babbling brook rushing around one’s feet. Subtle taps of vocal timbres subside into an amazing piano line that drives such an organic sense of being deep into the listener’s central nervous system as a contrasting Progressive line gleefully communicates with the piano in a delightful little display of musical conversation. The pads subdue as the bassline emerges on the release and it inspires a great sense of depth throughout its expansive deep end and its wonderfully executed orchestration provides a great moment of personal vulnerability to express itself as one’s true inner being.
Jallen‘s remix of Sedi‘s single, Breaking The Ice, is now available on Elliptical Sun Melodies via Beatport, so make sure you grab you copy today. Also make sure to check out the lovely Original, as well as the excellent Soulforge & Matao mixes!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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