When Apashe enters the arena it’s no holds barred. When he’s packing a free VIP, a music video, and a remix EP, it’s not likely there will be many survivors. Kannibalen Records backed the efforts for the coming of a legendary storm of events that will bring you to your knees so swiftly you won’t even realize you succumbed to the grandiose beats. Apashe’s VIP, which features Panther‘s fluent flow, is just as epic as the first; he may even have out done himself, but I will let you decide if it delivers the deeper blow. The fact remains, this is a next level creation that will have you awestruck and going mad.

The VIP of “Battle Royale” is available for free download, and for purchase. On Beatport, it is accompanied by four remixes from the artists Dirt Monkey, Hydraulix & PhaseOne, F3tch, and Tha Trickaz. The tank is still not empty, for we also have a music video for Apashe’s single. Hands down, this is one of the coolest music videos you are going to encounter. The stunning cinematic feature plays off an intense game of Chess that’s being paralleled in a real life showdown. Who will win the bloody battle? Find out here!

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