DotEXE and Candyland team up on this latest release to remix a huge track by Cash Cash ‘Overtime.’

The original has some of the sweetest melodies and sounds that I’ve heard in a while. It’s sounds as if Justice and The Twelves had a baby; the remix does a great job of keeping that vibe going strong … right up until the drop. DotEXE and Candyland aren’t amateurs when it comes to sound design. The drop is dirty, but restrained – these guys know exactly what they’re doing as they meticulously construct sounds and beats. It’s got an early Rusko vibe (which you know I love) and every wobble is expertly placed. Despite the breakout sound and powerful mids, that subtle bassline and the spaced out drums keep you grooving rather than raging … once again, until the third drop. They beef up the tempo a little bit and throw in a little drumstep in the end which just makes me all kinds of tingly.

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Also, Candyland is on tour right now across the US, but it’s almost over. Only eight shows remain before their final show in Los Angeles on 4/25. Go HERE to grab tickets!