One of the most respected duos in the Dubstep scene, BAR9 have been at the top of their game for numerous years, and their signing to Never Say Die last year can only mean a continuation in quality releases. Having just remixed Resistance and dropped ‘NEXUS-6’ as part of the Black Label Volume 1 compilation, the pair now head out to the US for a mini tour and deliver this hefty exclusive mix below to mark the occasion. I grabbed BAR9 for a quick catch up as they prepared to cross the Atlantic.

Firstly, let’s start with the basics, give us a typical day in the life of BAR9.  

A normal day would consist of a few chores, before settling down in the studio for the afternoon and evening. Remaining productive is key; we try and get as much done as we can each day.

It’s interesting that you guys chose this moniker to produce your music, what was the reason behind that name? Were there any other names you had in mind?

Well sequencers count the first bar as a 1 not a zero.  So after eight bars the computer says it’s at bar nine, not bar eight! So that’s where we got the idea. People still think we’re one person though…

Seeing as you’re currently on your 4-date tour across the states, is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to? Where has been your favourite place to perform so far?

Last time we were over we played at Dim Mak Studios, Hollywood. That was amazing; the show sold out and there were still people queuing around the block!  The vibe was immense. Afterwards, we ended up at some crazy warehouse party – not entirely sure how we got there either. Sore heads the next day but as it was the last day it didn’t matter –  perfect end to a perfect tour.

You recently released your track ‘NEXUS-6’ on the mighty Black Label Series with Never Say Die Records. How did the track come about?

We had the track for a short while before it was submitted to Never Say Die. We had been passing it back and forth between us and it all came together when the vocal sample was added. We wanted to make something a bit darker than usual and we’re happy with the result.

What are your musical backgrounds and what ultimately led to your formation?

We both had the same goal, which was get somewhere. We started out making drum and bass, but were both in to all sorts of dance music. In 2007 we made a few dubstep tunes while bored in the studio and got more support from those tunes than we had ever had from any of our previous work. After that, we just kept going!

How has being a duo opposed to an individual artist changed the dynamic in the studio?

Well we used to sit side by side, but now we both have our own studios. It’s definitely better and we can both still get our own ideas across.

What big things can we expect from BAR9 and the Never Say Die crew later this year?

There are a few more remixes to come out from us, which are always fun to do and then hopefully another EP later in the year.

Any advice you can give to upcoming producers aspiring to make it in the scene? 

Work hard and then work harder.

Any final words to add?

I have to go now because the flight attendant is shouting at me! USA, we will see you soon!