If you’ve been following us recently you must be well aware of who Robert Sillerman is. If you’re not, well long story short he is the CEO of a company named SFX which owns a good chunk of our entire industry. In the past year, SFX has acquired a plethora of distribution channels, ticketing companies, promoters, and more. Some of the bigger and more renowned names are Beatport, ID&T (the guys behind Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, Sensation, etc…) and Flavorus. Hopefully that list gives you an idea of how massive and important this corporation is. Well the man behind this billion dollar entity has just landed in Miami and wanted to let the world know….something. Honestly I’m not quite sure what he’s trying to say or do, but to be frank I don’t feel all that comfortable knowing that this man is at the head of such a huge and important company. And just as a sad reminder, this man is currently the face of EDM business.

Note: Following this Instagram video and poor quarterly reports, Robert Sillerman has been highly criticized by analysts and shareholders alike, with some even questioning his sanity. As a result, SFX’s stock plummeted further dipping into the 5s only to slightly recuperate by the end of the day. And to all those stating that people shouldn’t take this so seriously, let me remind you of one thing, there is a stark difference between you doing such an act, and an individual representing what used to be a 1 billion dollar company doing such a thing (after today’s drop, the market cap of the company is $691 billion).

More information: The Street