Before We Were Kings is a documentary that examines the therapeutic effects of DJing with testimonies from the likes of Moby and Wolfgang Gartner. Music plays an integral role in life, so much so that a song can change our mood in an instant, or even take you back to a specific experience from your past. The healing power of music, with the act of DJing being the documentary’s focus, is bringing to light a new therapeutic tool to help people deal with things like anxiety and depression. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States and given the increasing rate, something needs to help remedy the problem.

Artists use DJing as an outlet of sorts that can directly help them in dealing with any issues they may have. The documentary gets into the various ways artists use/view DJing from a more psychological standpoint. Aiming to replace pharmaceuticals, this potential treatment could help people get over something like social anxiety in a healthy way that promotes good feelings for all the individuals involved. Having DJed myself, there is definitely a feeling you just have to get over when you get into performing; once that subjective obstacle is overcome there is no stopping a person.

Before We Were Kings is currently in the production process with a working Kickstarter that you may contribute to. There will sure to be some very powerful ideas and messages coming from the finished product. I cannot wait to see everything this film entails!