Today, Songza, a free music streaming service that creates tailored playlists for your current mood, announced that they’ve partnered with The Weather Channel to bring us even more fine-tuned playlists.

Songza’s information-based predictions used data such as the current day, time, location, and previous behaviors to tailor its song choices to your current mood as much as possible. Now, by utilizing The Weather Channel’s data, Songza is going to be able to throw in even more data into it’s increasingly complex system.

According to the press release, “the partnership will allow Songza to understand and accumulate subconscious changes to people’s routines that are driven by relative changes in temperature, precipitation and more” — so it’s not going to be as simple as playing some uplifting pop music during the summer and dark, gloomy tunes during the winter. “With new data provided by The Weather Channel, we can more accurately predict your context, helping you enjoy more sunsets and weather more storms,” Songza CEO Elias Roman said in a statement.

[H/T Venture Beat]