Due to Avicii’s untimely hospitalization, Ultra Music Festival resorted to having troll extraordinaire deadmau5 take up the headlining spot. So with little time to plan his set, deadmau5 took to twitter to give us a glimpse of what we should except..

As soon as Martin did in fact drop the track in question, deadmau5 was quick to let his followers know:

Which followed with this mischievous announcement:

UPDATE: Here’s the video!!

Deadmau5 troll Martin Garrix @Ultra Music… by LesDJsdeCLUBINFUN


Now 11PM rolls around and deadmau5 gets himself ready for one of his biggest trolls yet. For the first time in who knows how long deadmau5 starts playing a song that isn’t his (or a remix of his song). The tune starts low but is instantly recognizable, it’s Animals… But it’s better than just Animals. It’s a remix of it. Old MacDonald remix. Yes it sounded awesome. But deadmau5 wasn’t done, as following that he decided it would be a good idea to pay homage to Avicii by mashing up Levels with Ghosts n Stuff.

So now we know that you want to see or watch it again like us, and for that reason we will be uploading the video as soon as it becomes available online. Which should be rather soon knowing the internet.