Trolling Martin Garrix doesn’t even compare to the game changing set Deadmau5 delivered at Ultra 2014.

History was just made as the world watched Joel Zimmerman fire up cigs and throw down techno beats on the main stage of Ultra Music Festival. The platform normally kept for top 40s EDM acts the underground can’t even stomach saw a beautiful turn of events coming from the mastermind behind the mau5head. Sexy dark techno coupled with a zero-fucks-given attitude broadcasted to the entire world will no doubt change the face of EDM forever.

In retrospect it isn’t that surprising Zimmerman took such a drastic turn from the norm for a main stage performance. His recent techno release under the alias “testpilot” coupled with his “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!” attitude were all the makings of a typical Deadmau5 stunt.

Him being a jackass on stage is the least important thing he did last night. What he did on a very large platform was play exactly the kind of music he shouldn’t have to a crowd he would expect to hate it. He forced over 100,000+ people to listen to something underground and perhaps–just perhaps–exposed them to something different and something better.

Thank you for showing the entire world there’s so much more to EDM than big room bangers and epic drops, Deadmau5. Hopefully the audience is finally ready to stop listening to the redundant four-on-the-floor festival stomp tunes and diversify their main stage headliners a bit (EDC, FTW!).

If you want to watch the troll, go HERE

If you want to watch the video of his full set, I’ve included it below.

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