The Cr2 label has been spewing explosive tracks over the course of the last year. With releases from the likes of Wayne & Woods, Bare, Lazy Rich, Morgan PageOliver Heldens, and Chuckie, it appears that this label has an all-star team of musicians that distributes incredible music. Part of their superb lineup is a 21 year-old talented producer who has had multiple singles, collaborations, and extended plays released by Cr2 with a brand new EP out today.

Known in dance music as Pierce Fulton, New England’s rising talent is out now with his Runaway EP. The new material comes with two new songs that are stand as distinct and effective progressive house songs. The uplifting vocals will have many soaring into the air in “Runaway” as the songs empowers listeners with melodic-fused energy. The second song “Old Man & The Sea” takes a different approach ditching any singing assistance and utilizing synths and plucks to create a maelstrom of electronic buzz.

Available now on Beatport, you can also preview the goods via Pierce Fulton’s soundcloud. After a quick jam session, head on over and share your thoughts of the new extended play in the comments or the ratings.