To celebrate reaching 200k followers on Facebook, Kygo is giving away one of his most beautiful remixes yet, for free. The indie-pop band M83 is the perfect subject for Kygo’s production skills and the dream-like qualities of both parties have culminated in something of a career milestone for Kygo. After his great success recently, he should hopefully start seeing his career materialise from online into the real world.

Fans of the Norwegian viral star should be well aware of his formula by now, and in this M83 remix, he uses it for an incredible tour-de-force of the usual glacial-poppy synths and slow house beats.

Some may be tired with his now tried and tested way of producing music, but he is certainly carving a name for himself. After entering a remix competition for Syn Cole’s Miami 82, Kygo was approached within 24 hours and got signed to LE7ELS. He was told to forget about entering the track for the competition.

Kygo’s now winning formula has consistently created some astonishing and unique remixes, which have provided plenty of chill-house vibes due to his effortless production skills. The new remix doesn’t break any new ground for the Norwegian, but as Kygo says himself he’s, ‘very happy with how it turned out.’

You will also be very happy with how it turned out and the fact that it’s free.