Salt Lake City duo Life+ recently released their big new single Skyrise on System Recordings. Skyrise, which is still reflective of the duo’s famed high energy performances, also introduces a uniquely progressive sound for Life+. The progressive house original slightly infuses funk with minimal vocals to enhance the overall appeal of the track. So turn up the volume and let the smooth melody take control.


To shake things up, Rubicon 7 offers their own twist on Life+‘s Skyrise. This duo pumps up the energy even more to create their electro house version of Skyrise, complete with heavy, bumping beats. The funk is replaced with an intense electro rhythm that keeps the verve strong. Both Life+‘s original and Rubicon 7‘s remix of Skyrise are versatile tunes that can be enjoyed anywhere from a dark club to a house party dance floor to the driver’s seat of your car. Be sure to tell us what ya think in the comments!