Ultra Music Festival has now come to a close and everyone and their mother have had the chance to watch or listen to a good chunk of some of the best performances out there. From deadmau5’s epic troll to JACK U’s festival premiere, this year’s Ultra Music Festival was full of interesting, enjoyable and surprising sets and performances. As always there were some highs and some lows, some overplayed tracks and some original and unique IDs. Here at Your EDM, we’ve been pretty vocal as to who we think had the best sets *cough* JACK U, *cough* deadmau5, but now it’s finally your turn to let us know who was your favorite. Which artist made it all worth it, which performance made those hundreds of dollars spent, those countless hours waiting in line, all worth it!

If you haven’t listened to some sets you can check them out here: Ultra Music Festival 2014 Live Sets

Note: We’ve added most of the more popular acts that performed but if we missed your favorite, fret not as you can type in your choice!

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