New information from Guy and Howard Lawrence is flowing immensely from a recent interview they had with Billboard. The men behind the dance sensation Disclosure sat down to discuss their thoughts on the current edm status, their recent rework of “F For You” with Mary J. Blige, and hints of a second album.

Like many musicians recently, the Lawrence brothers shared their insights on the evolving dance music scene and their role in it. For example, Howard said, “We like to have an element of class in our music. That’s what’s lacking in today’s chart music, I think.” Indeed, the duo have given their music the lyrical majesty and rhythmic mastery without having to appeal to fans with “party” music.

The brothers from Reigate, Surrey also described how the new version of “F For You” came about saying, “She wanted to sing a new verse, so she sent us hundreds of vocals she thought might work. We sifted through them and had a great time.” This past February, fans were given the new version with love and excitement along with a special edition to their debut album Settle.

Finally, the brothers divulged into news on their status with writing new material for a sophomore album. In the interview, they said, “In late September, we’ll drop off the map and work on our second album.” After an exciting spring and summer of touring across the world, the brothers will lock themselves away in the studio and emerge with new records for the world to groove too.

If you’re afraid to miss Disclosure before they go into live-performance hibernation, make sure to keep yourself updated with their touring schedule available via their official website. It is great to finally know that Guy and Howard will be taking their creativity head on. The promising idea of new music should have fans trembling with anticipation for what the Lawrence brothers will have in store for 2015 and beyond.

Source: Billboard