Ugh. SIXXX is so dirty. Like, Oscar The Grouch deep in the basement of an underground rave that lies at the heart of a Montreal slum kind of dirty. Karluv Klub is no stranger to grungy trash, so when he dropped his EP, I was already prepared for the filth to overtake my existence. The explosive bass masterpiece isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s edgy and barbaric attitude will be welcomed by veteran bassheads and scoffed at by tweeny ravers. The four track SIXXX EP is being released to the world for free thanks to Kannibalen Records.

Remarkable remixes from FUKK UP! and IVARR accompany originals from the captain of this ship, Karluv Klub. The original “SIXXX” is a bass cannon firing another bass cannon; pure unadulterated madness is what you can expect when this one is dropped live. Next comes “Break,” whose complextro trash vibes are haunting and delightful all at the same time. FUKK UP!’s remix continues with the organized chaos by delivering a remix that is the most commercially viable single on the project, but even then it’s still way off in left field. More unique goodness comes with IVARR’s remix of “SIXXX” that juxtaposes the dirty with some clean composition. Only some though.

All in all you need to add this EP to your collection. For even more entertainment you can also check out the promotional video for SIXXX below. Karluv Klub proves yet again that he is not someone who will lie down in the face of monotony.

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