Despite the all the noteworthy things that Electric Family has already done, there biggest endeavor yet is still ahead of them. Their one of a kind charity event with Adventure Club, Do Good, will take place on Thursday, April 17th at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in California. It will be a special time feeding the hungry; a special time that you can be a part of by filling out a volunteer registration form.

In doing so, if you meet the requirements, you get to enjoy the gift of giving, while also having the opportunity to meet Adventure Club and receive a gift from Electric Family. The event will be filmed for a documentary, so there’s possibility for you to be in that as well. A random contest will be held for fans where ten winners will be chosen to receive tickets to Adventure Club’s Club Nokia show that Thursday night. For attendees of the festivities, the whole day will be a fantastic, and even life-changing experience.

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AC Bracelet

Adventure Club bracelets are on sale again; they will continue to raise money for the Fuck Cancer Charity. If you would like to make a purchase then you may do so here.