Dutch producer/DJ superstar Martin Garrix has hit another amazing accolade with his expanding fame and popularity. The seventeen year-old has just entered the Social 50 Chart at the 39th slot for the first time joining artists like Katy Perry, Shakira, Ariana Grande, Eminem, Bruno Mars and more.

The Billboard Social 50 is a chart powered by an analytics company known as Next Big Sound that tracks artists and their current stance though social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, Soundcloud, Twitter, Vevo, Wikipedia, and Youtube. It grabs statistics on new followers/likes, plays, and views while taking into account reactions that are studied and monitored to rank which artists are trending the most. Now it appears that young Martin Garrix has entered the Social 50.

It should be to no surprise that Mr. Garrix has become a popular commodity to talk about. With his claim to musical fame with the release of “Animals” (which is almost a year-old), the song continues to play out in festivals and sets all around the world. At Ultra Music Festival alone, many acts and DJs played the Beatport champion song of 2013 in many of their sets whether as the original piece or some mashup/remix variation. Either way, “Animals” is a catchy song that people love to hear that continues to spread the name of Marin Garrix.

Also the help of manager Scooter Braun has skyrocketed the youth to expanding his general audience and fan-base. Mr. Braun (who is also the manager to Justin Bieber, PSY, and Carly Rae Jepsen) was at UMF taking pictures with Martin and gathered over 55,000 likes each!

By the way, Martin Garrix is not the only dance music producer on the list. Currently, Avicii holds the 29th spot, Skrillex sits at 33, David Guetta at 41, and Calvin Harris anchors at 50. Despite his young age, Martin is already competing with not only the biggest names in electronic dance music, but also the biggest names in pop, hip-hop, and rock. Now the question remains whether Mr. Garrix will continue to rise in popularity or fade away as another one-hit wonder.

Source: Billboard Biz, Billboard Social 50

(Photo courtesy from Billboard.com)