A duo that has been making waves in the drum & bass scene, Fred V & Grafix, have finally released their debut full length LP “Recognize” and with an unmistakable style.

Starting things off is “Hydra”, a classic Fred V & Grafix track with plenty of weighty sub bass and melody. Following “Hydra” up is “Maverick Souls” which continues the driving drum & bass but adds in organic and live instruments for a smooth sounding track.

Next up is “Recognize” which features vocals from Fred V himself. Upon picking up the single and remixes, I couldn’t stop listening to this emotional track. The lyrics are thought provoking and the bassline dynamic is on a whole other level. Following up “Recognize” is “Shine” featuring vocals from Tudor. The feel good vibes are strong and the sweeping melodies contribute to the mood this song creates. There’s a copious amounts of guitar that work perfectly alongside the drum & bass foundation underlying the entire song. It is really hard not to feel happy while listening to this song. “Major Happy” comes next and as the title implies, it is indeed a very uplifting drum & bass song. Crisp drums, guitars and wonderful melody combine to sweep you away into a positive state of mind.

Other highlights of this superb album include Panda “Let Your Guard Down” with Iain Horrocks, “Catch My Breath”, “Forest Fires” feat. Etherwood, and the incredible “Blade Runner” with one of the most beautiful buildups I’ve ever heard in a drum & bass song ever. The album wraps up with “Clouds Cross Skies” which concludes the album beautifully with wonderful orchestral elements  that add to the superb drum & bass foundation.

This is a must listen and essential for any drum & bass lover and will certainly be a contender for my album of the year. What Fred V & Grafix  have done on their debut album is nothing less than incredible and it gets better and better with every listen. Check out the mini mix below, let us know your thoughts and pick it up on iTunes!