Justin Beever was denied entry to 3 of Miami’s biggest clubs last weekend. His troubled track record was instrumental (or detrimental…) in the clubs’ choice to refuse his custom.

According to TMZ, the Bieber camp pleaded and begged to let him in and promised to rack up some serious bar tabs. But LIV, Story and Adoré held firm, for they probably decided that the long-term effects of a Bieber night-out wasn’t worth the trouble.

TMZ report that the clubs gave two reasons for barring the pop sensation. Firstly, he’s still technically a minor, as he’s still under 21. Secondly, everyone still hasn’t forgotten about his dangerous Miami escapade that resulted in a DUI charge.

SET nightclub, who may have briefly benefited from a large Bieber bar tab, suffered greatly after negative press surrounding the DUI charge. Bieber had been partying there prior to the ‘drag race’; LIV, Story and Adoré obviously do not want history to repeat itself.

Interestingly, if Bieber had agreed to perform and ‘sing for his supper’, then the clubs would have granted him entry since performers do not need to be over 21. Bieber refused to sing and that was that.

Justin Bieber has had a troubled history with nightclubs in the past, from being barred from Sankeys in Manchester to assaulting DJ Michael Woods in South Korea.

We wonder what Justin Bieber plans next for his career?

[Source: TMZ]