It’s been years since the Dutch superstar Dj Tiësto strayed away from his Trance roots. In a recent interview with DJ Magazine, Tiësto clears up the question that people have been ever so curious about, “why did he leave Trance”? He states that, “all the old Trance producers still maintain their following but that no one really cares”. He elaborates further saying, “that it’s nice to be in touch with the new kids coming up that are producing House music”. Now all though he did not say this directly, it does seem Tiësto believes Trance should not be his alias defining genre. With the massive wave of EDM sweeping the USA in the past years, we’ve seen that many genres take precedent over others and Tiësto wants to be as influential as possible.

From single artist shows to big huge festivals, Trance, that once was the face of Electronic music in the underground Electronic world, and was in part the genre that put EDM on the map, has slowly tampered in terms of popularity globally. Genres including: Dubstep and House have more so asserted their dominance in the EDM culture as the go-to sub-genres of Electro.

With die hard Trance fans jumping up and down in anger seeing Tiësto, which once was a prince of the genre, jump ship, many say it was done all for financial gain. What Tiësto says next, sure does hit home! In this interview with DJ Mag Tiësto’s reasoning for the change of genre has to do with the influence he has on the young kids who are coming up with House music. He states that if he were to remain a Trance Dj, “the 16 – 18 year old kids who are producing House music would be so disconnected with his original Trance sound, they would not be as inspired by his Trance style as opposed to his change of heart to produce House music”.

We all see Tiësto as a international Dj that lives a very lavish lifestyle and absolutely rakes in the dough, but from his point of view, he does it for the youth, he does it for the generation to follow.

You can watch the snippet of the interview that talks about his transition from Trance to House as well as the full length interview below.

Full length interview

What are your thoughts on Tiësto’s transformation from Trance to House music?

-Chris Wood-