The legendary John Dahlback has brought back his iconic ‘Blink’, and he’s done it with the help of none other than Benny Benassi. Released on April 18th on Ultra Music, this rework retains the exhilarating impact of the original. Two of the most renowned producers and DJs, with careers spanning many years, it was Benny Benassi’s sound that inspired Dahlback to create ‘Blink’ over five years ago. Can you remember the hype when the YouTube video dropped? It instantly caused a massive buzz around the Swedish producer, effectively a platform for his fledgling career. ‘Blink Again’ has been cleverly remoulded to capture some of those intense fan reactions again, and certainly pulls you in. It draws on those addictive female vocals and rhythmical intensity, and although lacks some of the atmosphere of the original, it is climatic and surging; a definitive piece of Electro. We spoke to John Dahlback about the track and to find a little more about himself.

Nowadays there is a huge amount of electronic music that is being released. Do you feel any pressure for you as an artist to stay current in the music industry?

You have to stay current to keep up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be original. There’s no harm in blending something that’s current with your own personal touch. It’s important not to lose yourself too much though, just because something you’re not doing is more popular. Sometimes you just have to ride the waves out.

Do you think that the new genres of electronic music affect the perception over the earlier forms of electronic music? For example do you think it affects they way the people consume the music?

Well, everything has sort of blended together, which I think is nice. It gives everyone a wider perspective of the music. It also gives me and other producers more freedom within genres, without people hating on you. The bad part is that I think a lot of people have a hard time if they do like one certain style. It can be difficult to find more of that exact style without having to mostly focus on one artist.

How do you find juggling producing, DJ’ing and running a record label?

It’s easier now than ever. I make most music ideas on my laptop, and I listen to most demos for the label on the road. That means when I’m home, I can really be HOME. Unless I have to finalise something urgent, then I go to the studio.

 How did you and Benny begin the collaboration?

‘Blink’ was in the beginning very influenced by Benny’s ‘Satisfaction’, so for me the choice of who should do the new version of it was easy. I’m very honored that he agreed to do it, he’s an amazing person.

 Why did you choose to bring new life to such an acclaimed hit such as ‘Blink’?

I had this idea a while back. I thought since ‘Blink’ was so well known many years ago, it had the potential of being so again – basically because there’s a completely new crowd now.

 Are you planning on any further collaborations after ‘Blink Again’?

This is the year for collaborations. I have been very strict about not doing them before but after doing a few, I see only positive outcomes of doing them.

What do you have planned for the summer?

To tour, make music, swim and finally get a nice tan going!