Recently a video surfaced showing Sander Van Doorn, Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke DJing a pool party in Miami during MMW. The video was supposed to be taken in good humor as it poked fun at the three DJs playfully performing. Apparently some didn’t see it as a joke, and took to Twitter, Facebook and the rest to criticize the three artists, throwing away the usual slew of insults, pre-recorded sets, DJs only press play, etc… Obviously those people haven’t seen Laidback Luke DJ. I don’t have enough words in my repertoire to exclaim how much I respect what Luke does. But since words are often not enough, Laidback Luke decided it would be best to show the haters what he’s truly capable of. So without further ado, I present to you Laidback Luke “shutting haters up”.

Note: No this is not Laidback Luke’s best mixing but mainly the point of this video was to showcase that 1) He can DJ (with style) and 2) He doesn’t use pre-recorded sets. If you want a good example of a good Laidback Luke set listen to his Ultra Music Festival performance down below!