We got a tip that Kaskade would be premiering four new tracks during Miami music week a few weeks ago, and if you were amongst the crowd in Miami to see Kaskade then you were one of the first to hear. Now, you can consider yourself part of that first initial crowd to hear some of the new tunes from Kaskade’s forthcoming Ep!

Since Kaskade’s, so to speak, soft release of his upcoming album at Ultra, he has announced the official release of the “Redux” Ep sometime next week. Although the Ep is to only be sold recorded on Vinyls, Ryan has sneaked us one of the four tracks, uploaded to his Youtube channel, titled, “Please Say You Will” that he states is, “the most unlikely single, because the rest of the cuts are straight HOUSE” but stands out as “something special”.

You can listen and watch the lyrical video for “Please Say You Will” embedded below. It features vocals from Adam Klopp that are layered with on a very soulful drum loop and long drawn out synth chords. With Ryan recently jumping ship from all his third party record label deals, rest assured that this album will be of the up most genuine, from the heart, Ep due to no record label influence.

-Chris Wood-