Crywolf‘s incredible vocals and production skills are truly astounding. If you haven’t heard him before I highly recommend you get familiar, cause this guy has talent. Perhaps the best introduction to his talents in my opinion comes from his collaboration with PRFFT & Svyable, an amazing melodic dubstep duo out of Boston. Entitled We Are it is one of my absolute favorite emotional dubstep tracks that strongly features the preferences of these two artists.

Today, Crywolf released the first tune from his new EP “Angels” in hopes to build excitement for it’s release on April 29th. Personally, I believe this mission was an absolute success, for I am seriously impressed by this new tune Eyes Half Closed.

A chill-step track with enchanting lyrics, incredible composition, a powerful build, and Crywolf‘s signature vocal chops, Eyes Half Closed has the power to bring tears to your eyes within the first minute of this 6:45 track. An incredible build is highlighted by a passionate chorus which drops into an intricate stutter of a drop that I’m still left pondering. This record is a hell of an emotional roller-coaster, and that it’s only part one of this EP serves to generate quite a bit of excitement for me as I can’t wait to depart on this journey with Justin Phillips aka Crywolf.

Be sure to pick up the free download here and pre-order this sure-to-be-fantastic EP Angels, here, due out April 29th.