Nazario Pelusi and Fabio Ranucci of the duo Promise Land have over the last few years established themselves as worthy musicians in this competitive day and age. With releases on Cr2, Big Beat, Size, Spinnin, and Mixmash these two Italians continue to offer brilliant new music with their energetic style. To add to their gallery of bombastic music, they have unveiled a new song for the upcoming month.

Promise Land’s new song is called “Vega” and will be out on May 5th of this year.┬áMuch like their collaboration with Junior Black “Noise”, “Vega” offers an intricate and fast-hitting build. With sharp violins playing and a soft guitar strumming, the build flips into an electronic shout alerting fans of the impending hurricane of pulsating power and spectacular sound. This preview will beckon fans to hit repeat, lure fans to see more Promise Land, and prep the world for festival season (as I am sure it has the support of a variety of electro house artists touring currently). Make sure to listen to the video preview and leave your thoughts on this fresh track coming out on Doorn Records.