Yesterday NGHTMRE‘s remix of Jiggy by Victor Niglio was released through Khross, a lifestyle and clothing brand that is partnered with Victor for several releases, a t-shirt, and a show with him headlining. This heavy trap remake is ever impressive and continues NGHTMRE‘s short but successful 4 month stint under the moniker.

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I love how the original vocals were used and chopped in this rendition. Heavy bass filled drops really make you feel the tune and unique synthesis give it a unique vibe. This is great work from NGHTMRE that only builds hype for future releases.


Today David A, whom I am a very big fan of, released his remix of Booty Monsta by Borgore & Victor Niglio. This hype remix is done in a bass-heavy electro house style that features extreme growls that are expertly synthesized. The slow tick of a music box in the second build is beautifully panned around a sexy riser that leads into another gritty drop. David A, kudos are deserved.

Free Download

Stay tuned to Khross’ website and Soundcloud for the next several remix releases, day-in and day-out through the 18th, with even more to come the following week.