Get ready to party, even if it’s just with yourself, because the premiere of “Alone In The Jungle” will have you dancing like a wild beast on this Wednesday. Kuso Kurae, otherwise known as Ray Volpe, drops this new jam with the artist Khinomyte, who provided the vocal work for this single. The instrumental is what you are going to especially have a taste for, though, with it’s wet bassline being the juicy main course. The song is invigorating, yet there is a hint of angst to perfect the aural picture of actually being without company in a jungle setting. Good thing is you get this in the luxury of your own home, and for free too! I suggest going through both Kuso Kurae, and Ray’s discographies because this dude know’s how to make some music, straight up. For being so young and talented, I would expect a lot of people to be flocking his way very soon.

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