At what point does a song become its own genre? Does it have to do with the sounds, the intangible feel of the track, the bpms or what? I’d like to think it is a combination of all three. Today, the Chicago-based duo, X5IGHT, is previewing their upcoming single that they are crediting to the creation of “Dark House Music.” In an effort to shadow the convoluted big room wave, they have taken to the studio in an effort to create something fresh and different. The result is “Warp”, the world’s introduction to dark house, that will come out April 22nd. X5IGHT will be revealing this single to the world prior to that; this Friday at Foam N Glow, they will debut the single during their performance. Make sure to head over there if you are in the Philadelphia area and say what’s up to the guys.  What do you think about their venture in trying to create a new sub-genre?