German producers Kraftwerk are locked in for an amazing show in Las Vegas this summer. But it won’t be just any ordinary show, Kraftwerk has plans to take their productions “to the next level” in a 3D showcase indulging the audience in surround sound audio as well as new and improved visuals.

The European tycoons of dance have a lot lined up in regards to performances and plan to roll out their new and improved set in Vegas but if you aren’t going to see them there, don’t worry as the group will be showcasing the new 3D productions all over the world this summer. Some reviewers of the new show stated that the 3D components were, “larger than life” and that the three dimensional projections engulfed the stage as well as the crowd. Bring your diffraction glasses and push your way up to the front of the crowd and you’ll have a good time.

Keep a lookout as tickets go on sale this Friday for Kraftwerk’s show at The Chelsea in The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas June 28th!

-Chris Wood-