Miami’s TEGI has been hastily securing his position as one of the premiere underground festival trap producers to be dominating our regular playlists. It is for this rapid domination of this massive sound that had us jump on the opportunity to bring you a premiere of his latest festival trap bootleg, a rework of Mercer & BARE‘s collaboration “Bangla.”

The bootleg plays off of the massive squelching synth from the original, but TEGI gives the track a whole new rhythm with rolling trap snares, rim shots and kicking 808s. This one is perfect for turning up your upcoming summertime pool parties, as well as busting up the main stage at your favorite festival. Get ready to lean back, let that shoulder lean, and take it to the block with a free download of TEGI‘s “Bangla” bootleg.

Note: Mercer X Bare‘s “Bangla” will be available on Spinnin’ Records April 28th