It’s no mystery that Dillon Francis has some pretty crazy ideas (*cough* DJ Hanzel) and one of his most recognized is his online store. Dillon or his team, but most likely Dillon, thought of a series of feats and deeds he would accomplish in exchange for rather high sums of money. Since there isn’t much going on on this beautiful Saturday afternoon we decided to list off some of the more ridiculous “services” Dillon would offer accompanied by their price. So without further ado here our top 10 craziest things Dillon Francis will do for money.

10. Dillon Francis Will Put Together Your Ikea Bed. Cost: $1,000


9. Dillon Francis Will Paint A Picture Of Your Family. Cost: $750


8. Dillon Francis Does Your Taxes. Cost: $750


7. Dillon Francs DJs Dressed As A Clown. Cost: $50,000


6. Dillon Francis Will Sing a Cover and Make a Video of Katy Perry’s “Firework” Dressed as a Pirate. Cost: $4,000


5. Dillon Francis Will Remix Any Song By Blink 182. Cost: $10,000


4. Peanut Butter Jelly Time: Redo scene as Brian the Dog as a Banana w/ Fat Jew as Peter Griffin. Cost: $3,000


3. Dillon Francis Will Become Vegan For A Year. Cost: $40,000


2. 12th Planet, Dillon, + Special Guest do “Fuck You At The Drive Thru” scene from Lethal Weapon 2. Cost: $2,500


1. Dillon Francis Joins The Army. Cost: $1,000,000


If you doubt Dillon will actually do these, well he already has. Here are past two examples of a time Dillon Francis honored his promises.

Dillon Francis babysitting:

Dillon Francsi and 12th Planet recreate the pottery scene from the movie Ghost (this was purchased by Zedd and Rukes):

The good part about this is that Dillon will actual donate the money to a charity instead of keeping it for himself. You can check out all the products and services from Dillon’s store here: