Liberty Place in Philadelphia is taking matters into their own hands against the controversial and very loud protests of the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge. The black religious group, who is protected by law to proceed with their generally offensive and contentious preachings, have posted up on the corner of 16th and Chestnut right outside of the Liberty Place shopping plaza. After unsuccessfully attempting to ban the group from protesting outside their retail shops last year (something about freedom of speech), Liberty Plaza has turned to unconventional methods to maintain a safe, intimidation-free, and actually quite humorous atmosphere for their shoppers.

They hired DJs.

Every Friday Joe Moser and/or Eric Pawlicki set up shop across from the Israelites in an attempt to muffle out the group’s hate-speech.

“They say white people are evil, women are evil, Jesus is evil. Anything that is not their beliefs is evil […] I just hope by playing music that is fun and upbeat, we are uplifting people’s spirits even though other more negative things are being shouted at them,” Moser said.

The DJs play everything from Rihanna, to everyone’s favorite hit Levels, to songs directly aimed at the group like Ray CharlesHit The Road Jack and Michael Jackson‘s Black or White, which just happen to be the two most commonly requested songs from individuals wishing to give a subtle hint to the Black Israelites.

Although the protestors are probably not a fan of the DJs, the shoppers and employees of Liberty Plaza are now able to have a little entertainment in the form of loud music versus angry ranting rather than being forced to deal with unwanted hate speech as they carry about their business.